Below is the process for conducting recruitments based on the needs of the hiring unit and the approval obtained to initiate a recruitment(s). A hiring unit will need to identify the type of recruitment it will initiate.  This first section will discuss competitive recruitments as defined in Section 2.

Competitive Searches

The University recruits and hires faculty through competitive processes to attract a strong and diverse pool of candidates.  It is important to note that these steps apply to competitive recruitments. It may be that the recruitment area, recruitment timeframe, and/or search committee may vary. 

Step 1: Identifying the rank and title of the vacancy

Determine rank and title of the position to be advertised. Refer to approved hiring plan or alternative authorization based on need.  For more information regarding approved recruitments for continuing faculty, go to the Hiring Plans page. If internal competitive, the hiring official must identify the position and provide a position description.  If continuous recruitment for temporary part-time faculty, it is critical to follow the steps outlined below related to Temporary Part-Time Faculty recruitments.

    1. All tenure track/tenured faculty positions as designated in the University of New Mexico Faculty Handbook.
    2. All regular non-tenure track faculty positions as designated in the University of New Mexico Faculty Handbook.
    3. Visiting Faculty positions of two (2) to a maximum of three (3) year terms must be filled utilizing an external competitive process.
    4. Open Rank recruitments create the option of recruiting junior and senior level faculty candidates and/or the option of tenure track/tenured and non-tenured faculty candidates depending on the needs of the department/college/institution.
    5. Temporary Part-Time Faculty includes individuals whose primary professional responsibility is outside of the University or for professional staff of the University who may teach on an occasional, limited, course-by-course basis. 

Step 2: Search Committee

Hiring official will identify and define the responsibilities of the Search Committee.

2.1 Composition of the Search committee

The committee must be diverse. They should have at least one woman and one minority (not the same person).

    • Search Committee must be made up of at least three (3) individuals. Search Committee should also reflect an adequate representation of interests, such as Department faculty, staff, and students (or, in special cases, community members).[1]
    • If this process cannot reasonably be met without overburdening some faculty members with service, the Department could consider either: a) reduce those faculty members’ other service/teaching burdens to compensate for the search burden; or b) propose an alternative diversity plan[2] to ensure a search that maximizes likelihood of a broad search process, best practices for assuring a diverse pool, and an equitable search process that recruits excellent and diverse candidates (see below for a menu of options for alternative plans). This plan must be approved by Academic Affairs as part of the hiring approval process; the first step is submission to OAP via
    • In all cases, the Department Chair, the Search Committee Chair (faculty), the college/school Academic Operating Officer[3], and the Hiring Coordinator (staff) must attend workshops on best practices for running equitable and effective searches. Department Chair and College/School Academic Operating Officer must have attended the workshops in the last four years; search chair and hiring coordinator in the last two years. UNM will offer such workshops early in the academic year..
    • In keeping with UNM’s diverse student body and institutional commitment to excellence and equity in faculty hiring, all job ads should include the following language under Preferred Qualifications: “A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and student success, as well as working with broadly diverse communities.”
    • Deans are responsible for assuring that these guidelines are followed for all searches in their College/School.

[1] For temporary part-time faculty recruitments, a hiring official may opt not to use a search committee. However, they must follow all other steps of the process.

[2] Alternative diversity plans may include:

      • Participation in workshop on best practices in faculty searches by all committee members
      • Designation of a senior faculty member as a diversity advocate who will attend workshops on running equitable and effective searches and then monitor adherence to best practices and submit a report at the end of the search
      • Designation of an outside faculty member or other expert with expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion as a diversity representative who will monitor adherence to best practices and submit a report at the end of the search
      • Proposing other forms of assuring full voice on search decisions by women and underrepresented faculty members, in ways that will empower their full engagement

[3]Academic Operating Officer typically refers to the head of staff and may go under a different title in some colleges: Chief Academic Officer, Senior Operations Coordinator. 

2.2 Charge to Search Committee

The Charge from a hiring official to a Search Committee identifies expectations of the hiring official for the committee and expected timelines. This applies to temporary part time faculty recruitments regardless if a search committee is used or not. The specific tasks and the confidentiality of all application materials include:

    • Development of the position analysis and recruitment plan;
    • Recruitment of a diverse and highly qualified pool of applicants;
    • Key search participants listed in 2.1 above will attend required workshops on best practices for conducting equitable and effective searches (available starting September 2018);
    • Screening of application materials to identify bona fide applicants and to evaluate applicants according to the preferred qualifications;
    • Development of screening process to be utilized; Academic Affairs allows search committees flexibility in screening tools to be used, check with your College/School office to know options in your unit.
    • Selection of semifinalists and recommendation of interviewees.
    • Participation in the interview process and assistance as needed based on campus itineraries and according to departmental policy and practice.
    • Chair of the committee will work with committee members to document search process; how women and minorities advanced in the process; and justification of recommended candidate.
    • Search committee members and any additional faculty members involved in determining the candidates to be brought for interview must maintain the confidentiality of all applicant information as stated in the Board of Regents' Policy #6.7: Confidentiality of Employment Applications.


Step 3: Create Advertisements

3.1. Position Descriptions 

The position description to be used in UNMJobs is considered the full and detailed description. The position description must include:

    • description of your academic department/program goals and mission,
    • diversity goals and accomplishments of department/college/institution, and
    • responsibilities of position broadly to attract a strong pool of qualified and diverse candidates.

The position description may also include the following links to demonstrate the richness of our community both internally and within the city and state:

The position description for branch campuses may also include information specific to the local communities of Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos, or Valencia. 

3.2. Qualifications for position(s)

Qualifications for the position and described in the advertisement should focus on opening the pool to a wide range of applicants. Narrowly defined qualifications increase the risk of excellent and/or diverse candidates self-selecting out and/or being screened out. Minimum and preferred qualifications must be clearly stated.

    • Minimum Qualifications must solicit a “yes” or “no” assessment. (Note that teaching credentials should follow HLC criteria.)
    • Preferred Qualifications may be evaluated along a continuum of how closely candidates meet the qualifications of an ideal candidate. (Note that there are sample screening tools located on the OAP website and on the ADVANCE at UNM website.)
    • In keeping with UNM’s diverse student body and institutional commitment to excellence and equity in faculty hiring, the following language is a required Preferred Qualification for all faculty recruitments for Main and Branch Campuses: “A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and student success, as well as working with broadly diverse communities.”
3.3 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action statement

 “The University of New Mexico is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.”  is hard-coded into all faculty recruitments via UNMJobs.)

If utilizing additional recruitment resources not supported by the online system, an alternative EEO/AA statement may be used, for example:"The University of New Mexico is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and educator."  Or "The University of New Mexico is an EEO/AA employer and educator.” 

3.4 Recruitment Period
    • The minimum recruitment period for an external competitive recruitment for a continuing faculty appointment is 15 calendar days.  However, best practice is up to 30 calendar days.
    • The minimum recruitment period for temporary part-time faculty and/or other temporary faculty is 15 calendar days.  However, best practice is up to 30 calendar days.
    • For internal competitive recruitments, the recruitment period is a minimum of five (5) working days. However, best practice is up to 10 working days.
3.5 Application Deadline

It should be clear to the applicants what the deadline date is to submit their applications materials. There are two options:

    • Date Specified (hard deadline); or
    • Best Consideration Date, Open Until Filled. (Note: This is best practice.)
3.6 Options for Advertisement
    • In addition to the full advertisement within the online system (UNMJobs), hiring units can utilize the following formats with additional recruitment resources not supported by the online system. It is required that these modified advertisements include language to direct applicants to apply via UNMJobs: “For complete details of this position and how to apply, please visit this website:;#160;and reference Requisition#: xxxx." You must also use an alternate EEO/AA statement, for example: "The University of New Mexico is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and educator."  Or "The University of New Mexico is an EEO/AA employer and educator.

    • Abbreviated Ad includes: Position Title only with mechanism to access complete information.
    • Moderately Abbreviated Ad includes: Position Title/Minimum Requirements/abbreviated position description/mechanism to access complete information.
    • Complete Ad includes: Minimum and preferred qualifications and information about UNM, our commitment to excellence and equity & inclusion, and  information about New Mexico is recommended.
3.7 Recruitment Methods

The University is committed to retaining and attracting a strong and diverse faculty. Every recruitment provides an opportunity to diversify our faculty and enhance our academic mission by recruiting and retaining individuals who will further support our academic mission and student success.  Search Committees and Hiring Officials should demonstrate this commitment during the recruitment period by identifying their recruitment plan.  Below are additional requirements that should be included:

    • National recruitment/publication resource and/or website, other than UNMJobs must be identified for all faculty recruitments. However, for temporary part-time faculty the recruitment area might be related to geographic location, such as regional, state, county and/or local.
    • Targeted recruitment must be conducted for each of the protected groups (Women, Asian, African American, American Indian, Hispanic, Individuals with Disabilities and Veterans) for all vacancies.
    • All faculty recruitments are made available to NM Workforce Solutions via UNMJobs.
    • The University has also identified other possible recruitment resources at This resource page includes targeted recruitment resources for women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans, as well as other protected groups.
    • Contacting professional colleagues from other institutions to identify recent doctoral recipients, including women and ethnic minorities, as potential candidates is strongly encouraged.
    • Advance at UNM ( is another resource that provides suggestions to assist with recruitment.

Step 4: Oversight of Search

All searches for regular faculty positions (tenured, tenure-track, or lecturer positions) must adhere to the following:

4.1 Screening and Managing Applicant Pool/Completing the Hire

The search committee is responsible for screening applicants based on the advertised qualifications and recommend applicants for interview and assist the hiring official with identifying the most qualified candidate(s). Each search presents an opportunity to market the University to potential faculty. A well-managed search will reflect well on the University and applicants who feel that they have been treated in a courteous and respectful manner during a search process. Search committees must treat all applicants consistently and fairly and communicate their status at the appropriate time.

4.1.1 Screening candidates based on minimum and preferred qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

    • Screening for minimum qualifications can be done prior to the For Best Consideration (FBC) date or hard application date if the applicant has a complete application packet, i.e., submitted all required application materials as advertised. The minimum qualifications screening must be completed before the committee screens for preferred qualifications.
    • Candidates are screened for minimum qualifications advertised, via a "yes" or "no" assessment. Those who meet all minimum requirements are "bona fide". At least two (2) members of the Search Committee must screen for minimums. (Screening tool should be attached at the requisition.)
    • Candidates who are  non-bonafide should be dispensed and the  UNMJobs system will email the candidates a notice of their disposition.

Preferred Qualifications

    • All members of the search committee should screen candidates based on preferred qualifications.
    • Candidates screened for preferred qualifications based upon advertisement (screening tool should be attached at the requisition).
    • Composite matrix, which is a compilation of the committees’ assessment, should be created once each committee member has completed their individual assessment. This document must be submitted with the hiring request to assist with the review and approval process.
    • Search Committee Chair should document and dispense applicants as alternates for other steps of the screening process (if applicable). Confirm non-selection reason code at this stage for applicants that do no move forward.
4.1.2 Additional Screening Steps

Once the above screening has been completed, the search committee can consider intermediary steps to assist with identifying finalists. This can include any or all of the following steps:

    • Interviews via telephone, Skype or Zoom. This should include the same members of the search committee and the same interview questions.
    • Contacting references provided by the applicants.
    • Discussions with departmental faculty based on the advertised qualifications and other intermediary steps of the evaluation process.
    • Dispense and document applicants based on the outcome of this phase if they are not moving forward or if they are potential alternates if finalists withdraw before or after the campus interviews. 

These additional evaluation steps should be identified and attached in the requisition

4.1.3 Campus Interviews

The interview itinerary should be consistent for all finalists and search committee  should be prepared to participate in the process.  The committee should also consider how travel and accommodation arrangements for the interviewees are being handled. This includes complying with policies for travel and lodging.  Interviewees should have the names of individuals with whom they will be coordinating with while on campus. All documentation related to the interview process should be collected and reviewed to assist with making a recommendation to the hiring official. 

If there is a need for deviation (see Hiring Guidelines, Section 1.3 Deviations from Search Process) from the outlined process, document and notify OAP of the deviation prior to implementing change.

4.1.4 Final Dispensation of the Applicant Pool

Once the successful candidate is identified and negotiations are completed, the hiring unit can initiate the request to hire and ensure that all relevant information is attached or completed in the system (UNMJobs). This includes:

    • The committee should confirm reasons for non-selection of applicants during the process and the status of all applicants should be changed as they move (or don’t move) through the screening process. This will assist in managing expectations of candidate who are not being considered. This also assists with AA obligations of assessing how women and minorities progress in the process, up to the selection of the successful candidate.
    • All those not hired must be given a relevant non-selection reason that is supported by the evaluation/screening process.
    • Interview itinerary must be consistent for all interviewees and a copy of the itinerary events should be  attached at the requisition.
    • Documentation that supports and compares the successful candidate to the other interviewees.  This document should include whether alternates are identified if the successful candidate withdraws from consideration.
    • Justification memo reflecting the process and justifying the review process must be attached to Hiring Proposal.
4.1.5 Gender/Race and/or Ethnicity information must be documented for all visual interviewees

Part of our affirmative action obligations is to capture gender/race and/or ethnicity of applicants who were interviewed (visual) if they did not self-identify.  If interviewees and selected candidate do not self-identify, DRA must be completed and documented before initiating the request to hire. 

Once the successful candidate is identified and negotiations are completed, the hiring unit can initiate the request to hire and ensure that all relevant information is attached or completed in the system (UNMJobs). This includes:

    • Documentation that supports and compares the successful candidate to the other interviewees;
      • Justification memo reflecting this information must be attached to Hiring Proposal;
      • Hiring unit should confirm retention of records at departmental level; and
      • Hiring unit should monitor progress of request to hire via UNMJobs.

Step 5: Alternative Faculty Appointment Process

The University recruits and hires faculty through competitive processes. However, from time to time, there may be circumstances when an alternative appointment procedure is necessary to fill a faculty position. Whenever an alternative appointment procedure is used to fill a faculty position, the department must submit an action requesting a non-competitive hire and demonstrate that the proposed hire meets the requirements of the exception as described below. Requests to appoint faculty under this policy will have approval from the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and will be submitted via UNMJobs. Requests for Main and Branch Campus non-competitive appointments should follow the Alternative Hiring Process guidelines. The Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and OAP monitor faculty appointments under this procedure and may require a competitive search in some cases. Once approved, the non-competitive appointment must be initiated through UNMJobs.

1. Voluntary Lateral Transfer

A faculty member is requesting a lateral transfer. A transfer is defined as a lateral move from one (1) academic unit to another, or one (1) geographical location to another, in the same faculty position. In most instances the lateral transfer creates a vacancy that will be filled through a competitive recruitment process.

2. Named in a Contract or Grant Award

Individuals named as Principal Investigator or Co-Principals in a contract or grant may be hired under these alternative appointment procedures. Additionally, individuals who possess unique or highly specialized qualifications required by the granting agency may be hired under this category.

3. Professional Service Appointment-Not to Exceed Six (6) Months

Where there is a critical, immediate, and temporary need for an individual to perform professional services, these alternative appointment procedures may be used. The professional service appointment will last no longer than six (6) months and extensions will not be allowed in these cases. If a department thinks the assignment will take longer than six (6) months, the department must start a competitive search at the time the professional service appointment is made. The six (6) month professional service appointment will allow the department to have someone on board immediately while the competitive process is taking place.

4. Sole Source

Sole source refers to an individual who has unique qualifications needed for the position. Usually the position will not exist unless a specific person can be hired. This situation is very rare. Where there is a question whether the person has truly unique qualifications, a competitive search should be initiated.

5. Under-Representation and/or Established Placement Goals

An individual who is a member of a group which is historically underrepresented (as verified by OEO), in the faculty job group for which the person is being considered and another more qualified member of an under-represented group is unlikely to apply.

6. Acting and Interim Appointments

An individual is considered to be in an acting position while temporarily filling a position where the regular incumbent is expected to return. An individual is considered to be in an interim position while filling a position for which a search is to be conducted. The additional assignment must be a significant portion of the position and must be performed for an extended period of time (up to six months). A hiring official may conduct a limited internal competitive search in accordance with the Section 2. Internal Competitive Searches as noted in the Faculty Hiring Procedures. The Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and OAP must approve extensions beyond or appointments for longer than six (6) months.

7. Spouse or Domestic Partner Hiring 

Given the importance of diversity to the University and the recognition of dual career families in today's workplace, spouses or domestic partners, as defined in "Domestic Partners," Policy 3790, UBP, may be hired under these alternative appointment procedures to enhance and support the recruitment, hiring, and retention of qualified faculty. Hiring of the spouse or domestic partner depends upon the qualifications of the spouse or domestic partner, the availability of a suitable and acceptable position in each case, and is subject to the approval of the department into which the spouse or domestic partner will be hired. Placement must comply with "Employment of Relatives" as defined in the Faculty Handbook.

Click here for additional information on Dual Career - Spouse/Partner Hiring Accommodations

8. Change in Employee Status

A UNM retiree or former faculty member will perform duties similar to the position he or she previously occupied, but may be not be hired into a higher-ranking position than previously assigned without going through a competitive hiring process. Retirees or former faculty members can be rehired into critical or difficult to fill temporary or regular positions where it would be beneficial to the University to have requisite skills, training, and/or familiarity of unit operations or functions. UNM Retirees, who are hired under this provision for more than .25 FTE, must be certified as eligible to work under the State's Return to Work Program. These retirees must have completed the twelve (12) month lay-out period as described in 1978 NMSA 22-11-25. 1 and 2 NMAC 82.5.15 (A) to be eligible to "Return to Work" eligible faculty members can be rehired non-competitively through this provision, or considered through a competitive search process. In cases of re-employment of both retirees and former employees, candidates must meet minimum qualifications for the position and salary rates must be approved in advance by the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Office.

9. Specialized Provider

The appointment of an individual to provide services, which are considered highly specialized and/or subspecialty that have been demonstrated difficult to recruit and there exists a unique need for these services or because the individual possesses the specific attributes required for the position.

10. Competitively Chosen by Outside Entity

An individual who has been competitively chosen by an outside entity according to pre-determined criteria may be hired under these alternative appointment procedures. The UNM hiring officer must provide the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Office and OAP with a statement from the outside entity certifying that the individual was selected through an open, competitive process. The hire is subject to review and approval by the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Office and OAP.

11. Special Professional Distinction

A most prestigious academic position in the University only offered when there is substantial evidence of outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the candidate's field. Candidate must meet all criteria for appointment or promotion to a professorship, with evidence of maturity and leadership in their field, endorsement of professional peers of national/international stature, and must bring unique scholarship and expertise to the University.

12. Academic Administrative Appointments

 A hiring officer may appoint a faculty member to an internal administrative position such as director, assistant and associate dean, department chair, and assistant and associate department chair. A hiring officer may also elect to fill these positions through a limited internal competitive process and or through a national competitive process in accordance with the Faculty Hiring Guidelines.

13. Visiting Faculty

A hiring officer may appoint a visiting faculty member under these alternative appointment procedures in the event that an emergency exists that prohibits use of the competitive search process. A position may be filled on an emergency basis for a period of two (2) academic semesters per one (1) year. The position must be advertised during the one-year period. The three (3) year maximum appointment otherwise allowed for visiting faculty positions that are filled competitively is not applicable for this process. Please refer to Section 1. Competitive Searches in the Faculty Hiring Procedures for these positions.

14. Minority Doctoral Assistance Loan for Service Program

A hiring officer may appoint a faculty member who has completed the requirements within the Minority Doctoral Assistance Loan for Service Program. This program is sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Higher Education and serves to increase the number of minorities and women available to teach engineering, physical or life sciences, mathematics and other academic disciplines in which minorities and women are demonstrably under-represented in New Mexico colleges and universities.

15. Temporary Part Time Faculty Emergency Hire

If a vacancy unexpectedly occurs, or if a new course is unexpectedly added and your continuous recruitment pool did not attract qualified candidates within thirty (30) days prior to the start of the semester, you may non-competitively hire a Temporary Part Time Faculty member under the non-competitive reason code of “Temporary Part Time Faculty Emergency Hire” for the semester. However, it is expected that a continuous recruitment process will be utilized in the future and this hire is only for one academic period.[4]

[4]A rehire is someone who has taught within the last 12 months, and was hired competitively. These individuals can be rehired non-competitively via the ePAF process go to (TPT EPAF Guide).   

16. Target of Opportunity Hire

UNM usually pursues competitive searches for excellent scholars from all backgrounds to meet its mission and this will continue to be the case. In some circumstances, however, and as recognized in UNM’s longstanding sole source alternative hiring guideline, the University’s strategic needs justify faculty recruitment focused on individuals whose expertise and background make them uniquely qualified to advance the academic mission in a diverse state such as New Mexico. For more information please go to: In these, instances, the Provost/Executive VP for Academic Affairs will consider a target of opportunity hire.

5.1 Requisition for Non-Competitive Hire

Should include critical information needed to process the hire and include the relevant documentation to support the request. This includes:

    • A justification memo for the hire with Dean/Director approval. If it requires Provost level approval, it should also be attached.
    • Hiring official should identify their recruitment plans for the future given the duration of the emergency hire.
    • Position description should provide information related the academic program and needs of the department.
    • The minimum qualifications should be related to the position and program requirements, as well as HLC criteria.
    • Preferred qualifications must include the diversity qualification.
    • Hiring unit must make every effort to hire individual prior to the start of the class and confirm that individual has completed all required onboarding tasks.

5.2 Hiring Request

The hiring request must include information regarding start date and compensation, and the candidate should have submitted all required application materials.  This should be processed via UNMJobs and the hiring unit is responsible for managing the timely processing and staying in touch with OAP as needed.