UNMJobs 2.0

I am a Chairperson, how will UNMJobs 2.0 impact me?

UNMJobs 2.0 will provide a modern, efficient job application system for managing faculty recruitment. It will also automate the process by which the hired candidate becomes an employee. In short, the entire recruitment and hiring process will be conducted entirely online. Consequently, approvals of decisions throughout the search process need to be noted in the online system by clicking through various authorizations. Faculty and faculty administrators who oversee various portions of the process – approving postings, selection of finalists, hiring decisions, and extending of offer letters – will need to perform these approvals entirely online in UNMJobs 2.0.

Who must approve a faculty hire?

To submit a requisition (request to post) within UNMJobs 2.0, OAP requires the following levels of approval:

  1. Chairperson/Director
  2. College Approver
  3. Office of Faculty Affairs and Services

To submit a hiring request with UNMJobs 2.0, OAP requires the following levels of approval:

  1. Chairperson/Director
  2. College Approver
  3. Sr Vice Provost (not required for TPT hires)
  4. Office of Faculty Affairs

Additionally, each college and school may require additional levels of approval. Please contact your college administrator to confirm any additional requirements.

Can I delegate my approval to my department administrator?

This responsibility cannot be delegated to a staff employee. This work must be performed in the system by the individuals with the authority to make them, e.g., Chairperson, Search Committee Chair, or Hiring Official, because the system will track the identity of the approving individual in order to make the record of the search process for compliance purposes. For instance, offer letters will be accepted via electronic signatures. No paper copies will be printed out and circulated for approval signatures.

If you are not available to approve a requisition or hiring request, the responsibility must be delegated to the faculty member assuming the interim responsibility for the faculty recruitment.

How will I know when I have to approve something within UNMJobs 2.0?

Once a requisition (request to post) or hiring request has been submitted you will receive an email notification informing you that you have an UNMJobs 2.0 action to approve. The email will include a link to UNMJobs 2.0 to provide direct access to the recruitment system.

Do I need to request a BAR role to be an approver with UNMJobs?

Faculty approvers do not need to request a Banner role to have accesses to UNMJobs 2.0. OAP will review each requisition (request to post) and hiring request to ensure that the authorized faculty member has approved the UNMJobs 2.0 action.

If the hiring process is now automated, how will my hired candidate receive his/her offer letter?

For faculty recruitments conducted in UNMJobs 2.0, offer letters will be delivered to the hired candidate electronically via UNMJobs 2.0. The Chairperson and Dean are responsible for drafting the offer letter but the signature of the hired candidate is not to be obtained prior to the Provost-level approval of the hiring request. The hired candidate will accept the offer letter electronically.

How will I know when the offer letter has been sent to the hired candidate? Or when he/she accepted?

The identified faculty administrator and hiring coordinator will receive an email notification from UNMJobs 2.0 when the offer letter has been issued by the Provost’s Office and when the candidate responds electronically. Also, the hiring coordinator can view the offer letter details and status at any time via the online system.

What if my candidate has technical issues or does not have access to a computer to accept the offer letter electronically?

No problem! Both OAP and the hiring coordinator have access to the offer letter within UNMJobs and can send it to the hired candidate via another method. The candidate’s response can also be recorded manually if he/she is not able to respond via UNMJobs. Please contact OAP for assistance or to review this process.

My college has an approved offer letter template, does it need to be updated?

Yes, the Office of Academic Affairs has issued new offer letter guidelines and templates to accommodate the electronic offer letter delivery and acceptance process. Please visit the OAP website for the revised information. You can also contact OAP for assistance with updating your approved template.

Where can faculty receive training on approving requisitions and hiring requests?

OAP is developing short training videos and can meet with faculty to provide in-person training. Deans and department chairs are encouraged to contact the OAP to schedule an in-person training for faculty as soon as a faculty hiring need has been identified. This will allow extra time to accomplish any relevant training for search committee chairs and hiring officials.

Where can I find more information about UNMJobs 2.0?

Additional information on UNMJobs 2.0 can be found on the Division of Human Resources website, and SOP's and videos can be found in the Employment Knowledge Base. Also, please feel free to contact OAP with any questions you may have regarding the new job application system.