Institutional Base Salary (IBS)

As of May 15, 2023 the implementation of the Institutional Base Salary has been paused until further notice.

Institutional Base Salary (IBS)

Institutional base salary is the annual compensation paid by the University of New Mexico for an individual faculty member’s appointment, whether that individual’s time is spent on research, teaching, service, or other activities defined by workload.

The IBS is set in the faculty member’s offer letter and faculty contract summary.* This information can be accessed online via Loboweb -->Employee tab --> pay information --> faculty contract summary.

Institutional base salary excludes any income that an individual is permitted to earn outside of his/her duties for the University of New Mexico. External consulting payments, honoraria, or any income that an individual earns outside of the duties performed for the University are excluded from the institutional base salary.
The IBS includes:

  • Compensation, per 9- and 12-month faculty contract
  • Compensation, per working retiree contract

The IBS excludes:

  • Special Administrative Component (SAC), per Faculty Handbook policy C180
  • Extra Compensation Paid by the University, per Faculty Handbook policy C140
  • The “Plus” component of Base Plus. For faculty members on an approved ‘base plus’ compensation model, the institutional base salary is the base component of the compensation model.*