Processing Contract Changes

The following forms are to be used to process changes to a faculty contract. To process a change to a faculty member’s base salary, please contact your OAP Consultant to initiate this process. Compensation changes must be consistent with the current salary guidelines.

Compensation Change Request Form
To change a faculty member’s base salary use the annual Salary Planner process.  The Department should memorialize the reason(s) for the change in writing with the faculty member (annual review process).    For base salary adjustments that must occur out of the Salary Planner process use Compensation Change Request Form.

Appointment Change Request Form
To change a faculty member’s appointment such as rank, title, status or to add an administrative appointment. Can be used to convert a retired faculty member to a working retiree status. Appointment changes required an offer letter memorializing the change to be attached. Offer letter templates can be found in the Resources menu under Offer letter templates

Appointment Percent (FTE) Change Request Form
To change a faculty member’s appointment percent for the current contract period.

Extend Non-Continuing Faculty Appointment Request Form
To extend a non-continuing faculty appointment pursuant to Faculty Handbook Policy B3.1. For a summary of continuing and non-continuing faculty appointments and their implications, please click here.

Special Administrative Component Request Form
To add, modify, or end a Special Administrative Component pursuant to college or school SAC guidelines.